Leslie Wohlgroth

Leslie Wohlgroth on Castor
Leslie Wohlgroth on the peak of the Castor, 4223m
Leslie Wohlgroth climbing the Strahlhorn
Leslie Wohlgroth ski mountaineering at the Strahlhorn, 4190m

contact: lesliewohlgroth@icloud.com

My name is Leslie Wohlgroth. I first started taking pictures as a teenager and have ever since stayed an enthusiastic photographer. I started off with an analogue SLR in the 1990s and have enjoyed lots of different cameras including digital SLRs and also simpler cameras like the GoPro. 

My favorite cameras are the Nikon D750, Nikon D810A and
​the Leica Q
On the Nikon D750 and D810A I like to use the AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED lens, the 24 and 35 mm f/1.4G, the 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor, the AF-S Nikkor 300mm 1:4E PF ED VR and the AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED. 
The Leica has a superb 28mm summilux 1:1.7/28 Asph fixed lens with a macro ring. 

Mountaineering has gotten more and more important for me and my partner Mike Hiestand. We spend every possible moment in and around the mountains. Fortunately there is no out-of-season-time, we always find a possibility to either go serious mountaineering with high altitude climbing, ski mountaineering, hiking, snowshoe-hiking, biking - any kind of sport that has anything to do with mountains, depending on the time of the year and how much snow we encounter. 

I try to capture the feeling, light and colours we enjoy during our tours. No photoshop ever used, just Lightroom to convert the RAW pics into jpgs. I am very cautious with saturation and sharpening - I want the pics to look like my memory of that special moment. Practically always a very special moment is the secret of my pictures. I love finding the right lighting, a different view, a little detail or a quick moment to be caught by my camera. I also manage to find views from mountain tops where most mountaineers never take a heavy camera.

My actual job is being a veterinarian. My partner Mike Hiestand (who also took a few of the pics and is the model in most of the photos!) and I share our veterinary clinic called Obersee-Praxis in Altendorf, at the lake of Zürich, Switzerland. Our patients include cats and dogs, but also reptiles and all sorts of furry or feathery little creatures.